Core Values

As a new business, we recognized our core values during the quarantine and this pandemic that we are all experiencing. At the time the quarantine happened, we had been in business for eight months, with our shop being open for just under two months. 

Just like the rest of the world, we were feeling quite helpless during all of the uncertainty and we knew that our customers were feeling the same way. We thought that giving back to those that kept our community moving during the quarantine was vital, so we recruited our customers to help us. 

We thought that getting up in the morning during a pandemic must have been stressful, so why not make it into an opportunity to change someone's day. When our customers bought two bags of coffee, we donated one bag of coffee to first responders, healthcare workers, non-profits and other organizations in our community. 

The pandemic has changed how we view our business and the impact we can have on our community. From March 2020 to March 2021, we donated over 350 lbs of coffee to our community and our customers are who helped us to do it. Since April 2021, we have committed to focusing on one organization a month to donate to and giving has now become a core value of our business identity.