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INI Sips is your one-stop shop for premium, organic coffee, and tea. Created by Marine Corps veteran, Gulaid and his wife Davina, INI Sips is proud to be amongst the growing population of community-centered, family-operated businesses in both Connecticut and North Carolina. 

 Fun Fact: As a family-owned business, the INI (pronounced in-knee), in INI Sips, stands for the first three letters of the names of our three children.


 They started INI Sips in the fall of 2019 after finding themselves wanting to start a business that involved their love of coffee and tea. In January 2020, they opened their first coffee and tea shop in New Britain, Connecticut. Due to the Pandemic, post-quarantine INI Sips looked a lot different. They changed INI Sips in every possible way and expanded their organic coffee, and loose-leaf tea options to better serve their customers' requests. INI Sips put the community at the forefront and has a goal of giving back to community heroes, first responders, essential health workers, and non-profits, and with the help of their customers, they're making it happen. So far, INI Sips has already given away over 400 lbs of coffee and donates a portion of sales to numerous organizations within the communities they serve.




FUN FACT: INI Sips is the Official Tea of Kits to Heart and the Official Coffee of West Hartford Coworking.


In August 2022, INI Sips transitioned its storefront in New Britain, Connecticut to being the Connecticut warehouse only and is currently an e-commerce only business. Although they have been selling their delicious coffee and tea nationwide for over two years, they opened a second coffee and tea warehouse in Greensboro, NC. INI Sips has seamlessly become a part of the rich coffee and tea culture in their newest community in Greensboro, and they are proud to continue to be a solid part of their original community in New Britain, Connecticut. 



INI Sips will continue to provide quality coffee and tea products sourced from all over the world. INI Sips has a goal of becoming known as the best coffee and tea company in North Carolina, Connecticut, and nationwide. 



A special thank you to our INI Sippers for sharing your INI Sips coffee and tea stashes with your friends and family. We get numerous phone calls and emails from your friends and family that you referred to us and we LOVE speaking to everyone one of them.



Thanks again,



Gulaid and Davina




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