INI Sips + Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign

INI Sips + Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign


Giving Back to Sick Veterans by Joining the Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign

Although we are a relatively new business, our team has been dedicated to supporting the people who have risked their lives to defend our country since the very beginning. We are talking, of course, about veterans. Sadly, more and more veterans have been receiving cancer diagnoses over the past few decades. Every year, up to 48,000 veterans hear this disheartening news from their doctors.

What not many people know is that a major cause of cancer in veterans is toxic exposure, which has been extremely common in the U.S. military since the dawn of the last century. Some of the most hazardous agents members of the military were heavily exposed to while on active duty are mustard gas, asbestos, radiation, lead, Agent Orange, benzene, PFAS, and heavy metals.

Because toxic exposure usually takes several decades to cause a disease, which, in most cases, is cancer, it was only during this century that the number of cancer cases among veterans increased dramatically. Sadly, many veterans don’t benefit from the emotional support they need during their challenging battle with cancer, which can take a heavy toll on their mental health, as well as on their quality of life.

How the Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign Is Proposing to Help Sick Veterans The Heroes and Sacrifices campaign has recently been launched as a simple initiative to offer veterans who struggle with cancer a little joy along their daunting journey. By preparing gift baskets filled with goods that are useful to ill veterans, such as comfy socks, pillows, books, freshly cooked food, pajamas, and movies, people and businesses can get involved in this campaign, as their gift baskets will be delivered to veterans with cancer, which is often in very advanced stages.


While some would argue that a gift basket isn’t enough to help veterans who are in such distressing situations, it is actually small acts of kindness like these that ultimately counts, and that can instantly brighten up the day of a sick person. Not only will the veteran who receives the gift basket have objects and items that they can benefit from, but they will also feel seen, valued, cared for, and appreciated.


We Joined the Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign in the Hope of Putting a Smile on the Faces of Struggling Veterans

Since one of the core missions of our team is to contribute to the wellbeing of community heroes, essential health workers, first responders, and non-profit organizations, we didn’t think twice before deciding to join the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign and partner up with the people behind it. Coffee and tea were found to be quite beneficial to cancer patients if drank in moderation, as they contain antioxidants, so we reasoned that our contribution would be perfect for the cause. Veterans are heroes as well, and they deserve our utmost respect and admiration. We hope that by having our products included in the gift baskets they will receive, veterans will be able to enjoy a few moments of happiness, even for a day.


If you’re also interested in partaking in the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign, all you have to do is prepare a gift basket while keeping in mind that it will go to a veteran with cancer and then fill out the form on the official page of the campaign. Your gesture will surely be rewarded with gratitude from the recipient, and you will most definitely put a smile on their face. The campaign targets veterans with terminal cancer in particular, so your act of kindness will mean even more for the person, as it may renew their faith in humanity fo

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