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Community Leaders - Lead with Dr. W.


Amount Donated to Lead with Dr. W.: 10 College Preparation Sessions 

Organization: Lead with Dr. W.

Contact: Lisa Wisniewski


I started this organization to provide supports for students in higher education. I want to create a resource where students can get their questions answered and learn more about college.
It has made me move everything online and be creative with the programming that I offer. It has pushed me to provide better services that are more accessible.
What has been some feedback you have received from some of the recipients of the work you do?
They are grateful for the support I provide that is always positive and caring.
How can people in and around your community help with your mission?
Creating awareness that these supports are available in the community.
My goal is to support students and young professionals in their educational and professional transition. I want to help them get to their goals and provide additional supports to get there.


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