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How Should I Prepare Black Tea?

What is Black Tea and how should I prepare it?

In some parts of the world, Black tea, is known as “red tea”, which comes from the reddish tone once brewed. The dry black tea leaves that you generally buy to brew are oxidized 100%, which leaves them with the black color that we see. The method of processing varies by region however, the process almost always involves a type of rolling, drying and oxidation.

INDIAN BLACK TEAS - Assam, Darjeeling 


Most Black Tea is best prepared at a water temperature of around 206° F, although various blends can be brewed between 200° F and 210°F and should steep for approximately 3-5 minutes. Additionally, others should be brewed at a lower temperature of 180°F - 190°F. 

Did you know that compared to other tea types, Chinese black teas have about the same caffeine content as green teas, and Indian black teas have a slightly higher caffeine content. Even so, both types of tea are significantly less than your average cup of coffee, containing about half the amount of caffeine altogether.

Caffeine content varies significantly on the how long you steep your tea. The longer the steep time, the higher amount of caffeine the tea contains. Given that black tea can be re-steeped, the caffeine content reduces with each time it is used to brew. 


Whether you are new to loose leaf tea brewing, or just looking for different caffeinated drink options, we have some tips below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to heat the water. Pour the water in a kettle and heat it to a rolling boil, between 200° and 212°F. You should always try to use, spring or filtered water when available to give a fresher, crisper taste.
  2. The second step is measuring black tea leaves. You can use a kitchen scale and measure 2-4 grams/~1 teaspoon of black tea leaves. 
  3. Next, place the leaves in a teapot, cup or a steeper/infuser. 
  4. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves.
  5. Cover the cup, teapot or infuser to retain the heat and keep the flavors in and let it steep. 
  6. Steep the tea for 3-5 minutes. How long you steep for, depends on your personal taste. 
  7. Remove the leaves. Either remove the infuser or pour over a strainer (depending on how you prepared your tea).

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