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Lemon Ginseng (Green) Loose Leaf Tea

Lemon Ginseng (Green) Loose Leaf Tea

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NEW INGREDIENTS: Our Organic Lemon Ginseng Green is a refreshing blend of zesty citrus flavors, warm ginger, and earthy ginseng. The fresh, soothing aroma alleviates stress, while the deeper green tea provides a smooth kick of caffeine — making Organic Lemon Ginseng Green the perfect pick-me-up day or night. 


ORIGINAL INGREDIENTS: lemongrass, eleuthero root (ginseng), deeper green tea, tulsi, ginger root, orange peel, lemon oil, calendula petals, bergamot (all organic ingredients)

NEW INGREDIENTS: organic lemongrass, organic eleuthero root (ginseng), organic mao feng, organic tulsi, organic ginger, organic orange peel, organic lemon oil, organic calendula petals, organic bergamot  oil

Caffeine Level Medium


1-1.5 tsp. per 8-12 oz.




4-6 minutes


steeperloose-leaf tea filter

 Brewing Instructions: Learn more.

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