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INI Sips Traditional Ceremonial Matcha Whisk - INI Sips
INI Sips Traditional Ceremonial Matcha Whisk - INI Sips

Matcha Whisk

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This traditional biodegradable bamboo whisk has naturally flexible prongs, perfect for whisking up a bowl of Matcha. The classic Japanese whisk easily helps dissolve the pure green tea powder completely in hot water, allowing it to froth to produce the most pleasing and aromatic bowl of matcha tea.

How to Whisk: Sweep your wrist back and forth in a continuous V-shaped pattern. Keep a light grip and keep your wrist relaxed, resulting in perfectly oxygenated tea.

How to Clean: Before first use, soak the whisk in cold water for 2 minutes. After each use, rinse with cold water, lightly pat dry, then place face up to fully dry in open air or place it on a whisk holder to maintain its structure. Do not store whisk in the plastic container in which it arrives.


  • Material: Bamboo
  • Hand wash. Air dry.
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