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Assam Keyhung Black Tea

Assam Keyhung Black Tea

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Introducing our premium Assam Keyhung tea - a robust and flavorful loose-leaf tea that is perfect for any tea enthusiast.

Grown in the lush tea estates of Keyhung, India, our BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) tea is carefully hand-picked and processed to maintain its natural flavor and aroma. The bold, malty taste of this tea is due to the unique terroir of the region, which is known for its fertile soil and ideal climate for tea cultivation.

Our Assam BOP tea is versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with milk and sugar for a classic English breakfast-style tea. It's also great for making iced tea or as a base for a refreshing summer beverage.

At INI Sips, we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality tea leaves, and our Assam BOP tea is no exception. We take pride in providing a premium product that is both delicious and sustainable.

Experience the rich and complex flavors of Assam BOP tea with every cup. Order now and enjoy a cup of this exquisite tea in the comfort of your own home.


Assam tea (Keyhung estate)

Caffeine Level Medium


1 tsp. per 12 oz.




2-3 minutes

 Brewing Instructions: Learn more.

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