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The Neighborhood Blend - Sumatra Coffee

The Neighborhood Blend - Sumatra Coffee

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Known for its smooth, low acidity profile, The Neighborhood coffee has all the bold, full-bodied flavors you need to fuel your biggest ambitions.

A portion of proceeds from each bag purchased will go towards helping small businesses launch and thrive - in partnership with Bromleigh Enterprises.

Bromleigh Enterprises

Grown from the roots of a tight-knit neighborhood, Bromleigh Enterprises is a love letter to the community. We celebrate and empower the kindness, creativity, and roll-up-your-sleeves support that can only be achieved when citizens become collaborators, entrepreneurs join together without competition, and town leaders link arm-in-arm with their constituents to make the previously impossible completely achievable.

Bromleigh Enterprises is a non-profit organization focused on supporting small business growth throughout Greater Hartford and beyond, as a vehicle for deeper, sustainable economic development. Our creative and collaborative programming brings more businesses to life and helps them reach important five and ten-year milestones.


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