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Citrus Orchard Herb + Fruit Loose Leaf Tea

Citrus Orchard Herb + Fruit Loose Leaf Tea

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Introducing Citrus Orchard Herb + Fruit tea - a delicious blend of apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rosehip, orange pieces, cinnamon and natural flavors. This tea is perfect for all seasons, as it offers a unique combination of flavors and aromas that are sure to please any palate.

The apple and orange pieces provide a sweet and fruity taste, while the hibiscus and rosehip add a tangy and refreshing touch. The cinnamon adds a warm and comforting aroma, making it a great option for cold winter days. The natural flavors in this tea are organic compliant, ensuring that you are consuming a high-quality and healthy product. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or need an energy boost in the morning, Citrus Orchard is the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience the amazing taste and aroma of this delicious blend!


Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Orange pieces, Cinnamon, Natural flavors (organic compliant).


1 tsp. per 8 oz.




4-5 minutes


steeper, loose-leaf tea filter

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